Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quiet Hearts and Minds

"Anyone who remembers the Dhikr to Alloh then be peaceful heart"
Q.S.Ar-Ro 'du paragraph 30 

In this world many events that we experience, whether sweet or not sweet, nice and nasty, for which Faith had reached the 'Mark all events does not affect the soul, his heart remained peaceful and calm despite many trials and tribulations. What makes his heart because his heart peaceful Dhikr due to Alloh soften walk, at a time when labor, at a time when sitting at a time when busy to keep her Alloh dhikr.
Dhikr which we remember to  Alloh? Because there is dhikr Dhikr to Essence, there is Dhikr to nature, there is Dhikr to Af'al.
The lightest is Dhikr to Alloh.yang Asthma Af'al and nothing to do with the events that we face from sweet to very not sweet. that everything from Alloh and deliberate Alloh, who we do not have the power to reject all events until we forget all the events that we face because we remember to make all events and disasters that we experience.

The way that our hearts are peaceful:
1.We  accept, if we got particularly bitter calamity such as illness, loss of business, agriculture we fail our house there is a deceptive fire, it all must be accepted that any calamity that we face comes from behind the scene Alloh because we are facing is a Alloh good plan will give to us.

2.We to Surrender, after we receive all the disasters and trials we face, we must let go because of all the events that we experience because we swt.Although  Alloh trying to eliminate all these events we do not have the strength and ability we just have to let go and surrender to the Almighty who made all the events we face.
With us feel hopeless and do not accept it will not be able to confront all the events and trials, who resigned the same could not make it stop only difference that is not receiving a desperate and accept with resignation that his heart will remain peaceful and confident in myself that all events are all from Alloh then we leave it all to Alloh.

3.We should try to change it, after we receive and accept we have to try to get out of all the calamities that we hadapi.bukannya resigned but we are not trying to be good because it was ordered by the Alloh and Worship, when we experience tragedy and trials we should try to change it but in the belief that every calamity that we face it all from Alloh, if we managed to change this we thank Alloh and remain unchanged if we continue to surrender to Alloh.

Prophet Khidr and Prophet Elijah till now still alive and the two often meet in Mina or 'Arafat or the Muzdalifah in each year when the season of Hajj He arrived before the two parted Kalimah pray with four below;
1. Bismillahi MasyaAlloh laayasukul khoero ilalloh ".
In the name of Alloh, because Alloh command, because the power Alloh, through Qodrat IradatNya We here do not have the resources and efforts, can not anything just because Alloh, nothing that leads to good Alloh only, that is who we want to be a human being well and who we do not have the resources and efforts of our weak human.
2. Maasyaa Alloh Layash ripus suua illalloh "
Alloh power everything, no one can just Alloh membelokan ugliness, we lived thousands of years, others just a little, so what will make ourselves ugly Alloh change  hopefully Yes, hard and restlessness and ugliness hopefully be deleted in Yes Alloh myself.
Wama bikum 3.Maasyaa min Alloh ni'matin paminalloh "
Alloh power any event, all the good that is in me that all of Alloh, legs can move, the eyes can see, the ears hear, the brain could still think that all the blessings given by Alloh to us, not because of our bodies, our lives that makes us live and enjoy all there is in this world, it is only a deposit from Alloh.
Laa haula Alloh 4.Maasyaa wala quwwata illabillah "
All the problems because Alloh, creatures that have no power, no one can create, no one can do nothing, can Tho'at and worship because of the help Alloh, we are able to avoid disobedience and sin because the power Alloh, Self we do not have the resources and efforts to live because enlivened by Alloh, could move as driven by Alloh Alloh can only make all of us working and not working.
Four sentence  above indicate that the inability of ourselves we are not there just like in puppet, live nature of this world is only play so everything depends on the puppeteer and the director of the arrangements.
If you already have a sense that we are not able to power and effort is not so if we get a disaster do not get frustrated because it was everything from Alloh, deliberate Alloh, our lives return to Alloh and everything that makes our hearts feel calm and peaceful.
Yes Alloh hopefully be writing this over and be myself penggugah closer to Thee My Robb.
  And make me an expert and expert Dhikr Syujud Thee Yes Robb.

Servant who is not the power and efforts


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