Sunday, November 1, 2009

EXPERIENCE THE REAL STORY OF ME spiritual in English Version

In this case I am not a mystic was not a shaman is not a Kyai, but I had never learned the name kedigjayaan Sciences, Science Khodam Assistants, predictive science and other Sciences from various state.anda the young age of many people who ask for help Thank God with me and I can help it would also get Sciences Kedigjayaan because I want to be able to give the thugs and the thugs without success Fight .All  science learned from several teachers of the few areas of Banten, Sumedang Subang, Garut, Cirebon.
But all that could not help all the problems I faced at that time, so others can help keorang for yourself but in fact everything is always difficult no obstacle.
And Alloh SWT give Hidayah and Instructions to me to visit my friend is a college friend who was in Bandung and he was Insyap and find out what his name Alloh Sciences and in me like no encouragement to repent and clean up all the knowledge into everything penhalang .
Time and date I wanted I went and met with my friend and fitted to meet rather than happy in my heart and my friends are, outside of us smile in our hearts but bleak against the Dark Arts Science and white science my friend punyai.Dan at the time I met the first day instead of seeing myself instead as arrogant and in my heart told me I could beat my friends all drive tersebut.because of Science that I had at that time.
I returned to my place and my wife told me how I was treated but I proudly replied ngak to treatment and stay with my knowledge is.
By the time night comes I like to feel scared of my soul that brings is like there and I like surrounded by all my blackness and my wife mejerit to wake up and ask me what happened, I told my wife about a dream I was having that.and My wife said the same to get back to my friend to clean my body again, the next day I went back to Bandung and met with my friend and he told me later that night after Isha Prayers I came home he.
After Isha prayer and I came home and there he was there and he waited pupils saya.Hes ay that I was sitting there and there he fights didepannya.dan Science Science is inside of me trying to beat He and His students, but what is I bounce backs happen a few yards I screamed like there was something about my body, my chest hurts.
But my friend was still sitting with dhikr, I came back I sat down and place my back out I had a science such as to destroy Him, but what happened I bounced back and is now much faster and my body limp like something is missing leaving my body and at that time I felt weak crying andI feel like weeping I thought about all the sins and to my students who have received previous Dark Arts I Yes Alloh how give  bad thing  sins I have my students and I asked for the streets Syetan with Kedigjayaan Science, and at that time I also intended to bring students new streets that I live is the way Alloh Sciences.
My body became weak as there is a second blow ahead of me that is derived from water and Him. He told Science that once I had been out of my body but still expect to use science to kembali.He give me the strength and Sciences-fold fold and more than my old Science punya.dan He said I would get abundant and Rizki tertahan.Saya not return home with my parents to walk like no tread the soil of the start I slept until morning as there was something strange and fresh morning my body and I like the new thoughts and clear my mind as there is new hope for success.
From the start it was like changing my life 180 percent of the hard work to get easily get a job and began to arrive as Rizky very easy.dan I can also help people who have difficulties such as stress, witchcraft taxable taxable taxable teluh versatile hard life and people who household had a problem in almost divorced, but after . I can help and that I can do through me to come face to face or through distance to her house or with far permission .and Alloh Alhamdulillah everything I could help and could I heal.
I live until now and now I am in Cambodia remains a call for help saya.Ada strange inside of me if something happens with the permission Alloh would like my film was illustrated before I experienced until now.
That glimpse of my spiritual experience hopefully bermanpaat for readers who have problems like with my life once and become motipasi to change his life so easy and versatile as holding a key Rizki and can get everything you dreamed.
For the brothers who have problems like the above if I need help will help Insyaalloh accordance with my ability but all returned to Alloh SWT all the problems.
And to my brothers who still have knowledge of immune, kedigjayaan Sciences, Science and the Science of Kawedukan nothing with the help of Jin paunya repent immediately because it would not help the fact we stigmatize both the world and that science seems akherat help us when in fact we are enslaved by the science that.segeral Alloh Insyalloh repent and SWT will give help.but I order a clean up before our hearts from all arrogance and pride because it will hinder our streets are converted back Alloh SWT blessed.
Everything just Alloh who knows and all returned to him as well.
Hopefully  for brothers and sisters who read this blog and become ikitasya reflections that provide safety, which gives pleasure, yamg provide jobs, which give happiness at home is just steps instead Alloh khodam swt.not is like Jin, instead of good power.but Alloh Almighty who gives everything to us .Try it contemplate, reflect, reflect on the reflection in the peace of mind, it will open insyaalloh, Amien3x
And Allaah knows best bissowab


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