Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mujahadah English version

"That creates verily We have to fill Hell is almost entirely from among Jinn and Mankind, who have hearts but do not want to think (about Ayat2Alloh), Having eyes but do not want to see the sign-tand Alloh power, have ears but do not want mendegar Paragraph Alloh Signs, They are like animals even more and they are the people who do not like to remember Alloh "
Q.S. Al-A'rof verse 179

All charitable Jawarih, Practice Dhohir / deeds done by the ordinary, the Payers or circumcision, such as Prayer, Zakat, Fasting, Shodaqoh, helping people who needed help or someone hard or poor.that Fakir could do it  with fulfilled when the fight lust (Mujahadatun Nafsi).
People do not usually carry Prayer can not fight if feeling lazy, people will not fast melaksaknakan if not win the fight against Hubbus Syahawat (melajur lust) and Hubbut-thoam (like eating), people will not go Hajj if you can not fight Hubbut-dunya, People will not leave if defeated Zina memerang syahwatnya.
Mujahadah is fighting lust but not to put down, but how we can control the passions and must be dikuasai.Memang on the other hand there Madaratnya lust but lust on the other hand is useful, people will not want to attempt if you do not have the desire, no will Manuasia if not lost his passion, but passion should not be on the loose but should be commanded by our self if not in command of Lust everything we do will always be accompanied by passion if we can not control the lust, passions would be casually master all of our limbs.
Eyes will be used to see that is not kosher, the ear will be used to listen to what is unlawful, hands and feet will be used for the road that ultimately unlawful as a human form but as an animal's heart
Muhajahadatun nafsi not be achieved if we do not Ma'rifat / remember to Alloh, remember that until the tarap ashamed to Alloh, Remember that until the close tarap Alloh.
Thieves know that the thief was not good but lost Mujahadatun-nafsina, the wrong idea about the ugliness but lost Mujahadatun-nafsinya, who liked to engage in immoral acts know that it was immoral but lost his jihad.
Thus the people of the Muslim and let the Women compete to cleanse our hearts to remember the Alloh, Vying for more Ikhlas, racing to purify our hearts to Alloh Mujahadah order to win.
I hope the article is Mujahadatun-Nafsi I especially useful for those who are reading the article ini.Amien3x



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