Sunday, November 1, 2009

Advice from Syech Abdul Jilani Qodir when we meet someone and Imam Syafie adventures

If you meet someone, so believe in that he's better than you
Please talk  in your heart:
"Alloh side position may be better and taller than me".

If you see a child, then ucapkanllah (in your hearts):
"This child is not engage in immoral acts to Alloh, while I have a lot of these kids to Alloh.of course disobedience better than me".

If you meet the parents, then just say (in your hearts):
"He has to worship Alloh far longer than me, of course he's better than me".

If you meet with people who have knowledge, then just say (in your hearts):
"This guy is getting the gift that can not be got it, reach positions that never accomplished, knowing what I know and he did not apply their knowledge, of course he's better than me".

If you meet someone that stupid, then say (in your hearts):
"This person told Alloh engage in immoral acts because he is stupid (not know), while I engage in immoral acts to Alloh  when I know what the consequences.
And I do not know how late I was and he was later. He's certainly better than me ".

If you meet the unbelievers, then say (in your hearts):
"I do not know how it could eventually end his age he embraced Islam and work sholeh.Dan probably my age I do dikhir Kufr and behave badly".

IMAM adventures SYAFIE

4 CASE FOR advice
Four cases strengthen the body
1. Eating meat
2 .. Wearing parfum
3. Often bath
4. Dressing of cotton

Four cases weakens the body
1. Many pairs (Sunday)
2. Always worried
3. Drink plenty of water while eating
4. Many feed ingredients are sour

Four Eyes strained case
1. Sitting go on to mecca
2. Kohl before going to bed
3. Looking at the green
4. Net Dressing

Four cases make broken Your  Eyes
1 .. Looked unclean
2. Seeing people killed
3. See pubic
4. Back mecca

Four cases sharpen mind
1 ... Not a lot of empty boast
2. Diligent teeth (brush teeth)
3 .. Chat with pious people
4. Mingling with the scholars


Sleeping on your back while thinking about the incident sky And

Skewed to the right side to facilitate awake to solat

Tilted to the left to digest the food that much

4. SLEEP dickens
Stomach / prone sleep experts like hell.

A DOCTORAL neurology meet GOD MIRACLE .........

Assalam Mu'alaikum Wbrth! And God Bless You ! My best friend all that Islam
And also that Islam is not .... Read this e mail from a friend sedentary
in the U.S.:
'A doctor in the United States had embraced Islam because  some
miracle had met in the investigation. He was very impressed with the
discovery, so can not be accepted by reasonable minds.
He is a Doctor of Neurology ..
After embracing Islam, he is very confident of the Islamic And perubatan
with it has opened a clinic which was themed 'Changing
Through the Qur'an '..
Study change  through the Qur'an make medicine  and written
what is contained in the Qur'an. Among the Siwak F-Siwak F
including  used fasting, honey bees, black beans (black seed) and
sebagainy a.
When asked how he was attracted to Islam,
So the doctor tells him to do during the study
nerves, there are few nerves in the human brain
not entered by the blood. And every inch of the human brain requires
enough blood to function normally.
After a time-consuming studies, he finally found
Wordpress blood will not enter the nerve in the human brain
but on when a person was working during the prostration
They require a blood uric only for some measure of
certain sahaja .. This meant Wordpress will only enter the blood uric
these levels follow the prayer time required by
That is the greatness of Islam ....... God's creation!
Not to prayer, the brain will not be able to accept
enough blood to function normally!
By the way, this incident is actually a human being to
embrace the religion of Islam 'fully' because nature nature events
it has been linked by God with His religion is beautiful. "

* If diligent .. Please pass this notice to you
Muslim - Moslem others to be told We all practice. Science
Useful is one of the charity for people who berkekalan
Teaching even though he was dead.


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