Friday, November 6, 2009

Asep Creation:Al Imammal Sajjad Ali Zainal Abidin Ibn Husain Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Tahlib

A friend of Imam Ali had several times seen the Imam prostration after finishing Thawaf so long ago and stood up and basil and make a bow with a long time, and friends are curious and want to know what he said  in the His sujud.And friend approached him and then heard the words:

"O God, your servant in  Your  terrace, the poor Your one.In Your terrace  the beggar, Your one .In Your terrace  The Fakir of need .."

The friend said: "By Allah, never pray  and pleaded with the words in any distress, but Allah Almighty always left me."

On one night, he was seen by Tahwus al-Yamani was doing since Thawaf Prayers and Ishya' time until nearly the time fajar.end then He looked at the sky and prayed:

"Oh my God, stars  in Your sky almost  loss.Eyes Your servants closed in deep sleep .But  doors remain open to the applicant and I come O Allah, with the expectation that you please forgive me my sins prayer, bless me, and bring me to my great-grandfather of Muhammad Resurrection Day .....

And he was crying and then said with a thrilling voice:

"My Lord ......, for strength and glory, so no I want against you when I sinned, And I doubt you no when I broke my command, And not that I do not know of or against Your punishment, but my soul is already alone deceive me And nature is always covered Your kindly  fault .....

And now protect  myself to Whomever fromYour punishment.So than You who can save me ....? And with whom I would depend, if you decide me .......?

Oh ...... how baseness  later, while standing in front of You ...... When people light their sins are welcome to heaven ......, weight while those who were ordered to stop ..... ..

Was together a "light" I do not you cross the road? or with a "heavy" I'm 'a stop .......?

My Lord, Glory to Thee as if ......, violated orders saw You. You do so Gracious and merciful as people engage in immoral acts never to you ...... You bring yourself to Your creature-kindness with kindness if you need something .... while they were conscious Thou, O Lord, in such a vast wealth that never need anything from anyone ......"

So says a friend Thawus:

"I approached him and told him:" Son Rasulallah, why are you so worried and afraid? real people like me this is what you do as we do.Not these people who are always committed a sin! While your father was Husain ibn Ali, and Muhammad's grandfather .? "

 He turned to me and said:

"No, O Thawus.Don't  mention my dad, and my great-grandfather ... It is God Almighty has created a paradise for anyone who obey Him and do Ihsan, although he was a black slave from Ethiopia country, and he creates Neraka for  who engage in immoral acts to him, although he was a leader Quraisy.Don't  you hear the word of God ;"..... If sangsakala has blown, it is no longer nasab ties between them on that day, no they asked each other ....

By Allah, none can give will be at the Day of Resurrection except the good deeds that will be in front of you and to guide your way......" 

My son really great minds Rasulallah pekertimu, really is God akhlakmu.Ya hopefully Shlawat and greetings given to this noble servant and and to kelurganya and to his friends, amien 3X
This song bonus for You,and You can feel happy and Your  heart will feel better after You listen this Song


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