Sunday, November 1, 2009

Asep Creation : During inword Human Life, Why Feeling Desperate wonders and with all trials

Let us not be fooled by the obstacles and trials (which may overshadow the soul) for life on earth because it is the nature and character.
Alloh make the world a place full of kindness instilled with the test, trials and temptation to find out who the best man and as a winner.

Alloh Almighty has said in verse:
"We will test you with Bad and trials .and  good as we were only told you return" (QS.Al Anbiya: 35)

Trials are not pleasant and difficulties of life are the things that can contaminate the soul, also test with the abundant wealth, a beautiful wife children and ganteung2 beautiful, sometimes people like to forget the trials and carried away with forgetting to thank Dunia of human  to providers of all.
SWT Alloh Adhan called in a voice so human, and grateful for all the Prayers and very nice prayer  was only 10 minutes (for the benefit Akherat which houses the mortal) but why are we so arrogant and so cruel neglect Alloh calls it, in fact, humans are still busy counting the property and busy with work, why are we so arrogant and evil Subhanalloh, temporarily we spent hours but things are mortal Akherat only 10 minutes, we don't care.
A poet says:
"I saw the most wretched human being, no bored-bored megejar chasing the world, as if they were naked and starving the world like it, I see it like a summer cloud that briefly dispersed and soon disappeared."
"You're asking the world of pleasure in the world when the world is a land of misery and trouble how sorry, people who are looking for something when he was looking for was gone"

Yes Alloh We make these people who keep our prayer and make this expert bow and Alloh grateful for all that.Amin3x.


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